2021 Review - Year of The Bare!

2021 Review - Year of The Bare!



BARE BAR has only been around for just over 6 months!

That's right! From the birth of an idea in January 2021 to the launch in late May, Bare Bar hasn't even been around a year yet! But a lot has happened in such a short space of time. We'll take you through some of the highlights of 2021, everything from our favourite reviews to our top social media meme & a little insight into what to expect in 2022!


1,000's of Plastic Bottles Saved!

You guys, through the use of plastic free Bare Bars have contributed to a reduction in the use of plastics. Let's face it, we really need to curb our use of plastics in the world, even products from companies that claim to be fully recycled packaging are still contributing to the problem, as there is no guarantee that waste will reach a recycling plant again. Using a truly plastic free product is the only way to be sure you're doing the best for the environment, so if you have made the switch with us, we thank you!


9 Different Fragrances of Soap Created this Year!

That's right, as 2021 was the year we launched, we had to make sure we had enough variations & choice, to spoil our customers with! Scents from 'Roasted Coffee Bean' Soap to the Limited Edition 'Ice Candy Cane' Soap have all been successful & have been enjoyed by our customers receiving glowing reviews. Seven permanent Soap Bars & Two awesome Limited Editions!


Top Selling Soap Bars

We have sold thousands of Soap Bars this year & below we have the Top 3 Bars sold to date in 2021:

1. Fresh Cut Pine

2. Molten lather

3. Spring Mountain

Any of these in your top 3?


Our Favourite Reviews of 2021 

We keep hearing some very concerning stories of 'the other half' stealing Bare Bars! This is simply not on! Why is nothing sacred any more?


Guys! Please stop considering eating your soap, we know it smells absolutely delicious, but it really doesn't taste how it smells! We can offer counselling to anyone who needs to kick this dirty habit!

Very non specific on what super man power, but we can only assume it is the ability to light a fire in the wilderness just by looking at it!

We're glad we transformed your stank James!

Thanks for your honest, if not slightly x-rated review here Steven! 

Get your neighbours to get in touch with us if they have a problem with you singing with a Bare Bar in the shower. We'll send them a couple of bars & get the whole street singing!


Our Most Popular Meme

We love a good Meme here at Bare Bar! We always set out to communicate with our customers a little more tongue in cheek than other Male Grooming Companies, so we created some popular posts on Social Media, that hopefully helped lighten the mood a little in your 2021. Plus we are huge Anchorman fans, so naturally it had to be this one:



Did You Know We Created a Video Ad?

As well as making a few Meme's, many of you would have discovered us by watching our very first video ad! This was an ambitious project, using many favours from our friends & local community radio station Ribble FM. Filming this was hilarious, including the constant dread of someone stumbling upon our set in the middle of the woods while filming a good friend lathering up with Bare Bars!




Most Popular Limited Edition Bar?

We are hugely creative here at Bare Bar & want to constantly offer new & exciting products to our customers, so we created a very special limited edition soap for Halloween called 'Smashin' Pumpkin'. We hold our hands up, the name was 100% inspired by the band Smashing Pumpkins, who are one of our favourite grunge bands here at Bare Bar. The Soap itself was akin to the scent of Spiced Pumpkin Pie, warm, soothing & spicy to enjoy over the cool months. There will be more Limited Edition bars in 2022, we'll aim to make each one more special than the last.


What Does 2022 Have in Store for BARE BAR?

We have some extremely ambitious plans for 2022, largely based on what our customers want. We will be releasing our first ever Hair Care products, which will take the for of small, but mighty Shampoo Bars. These will be 60g, which despite their size will outlast 2x 500ml plastic bottles of shampoo & should last you around 2 months per bar. We are looking to have these available for the end of Jan & will come in 4 Scents.

A new permanent Soap Bar will be also available in February, which has been decided by you. It will be inspired by the Ocean, using some amazing natural ingredients, such as Kelp, Sea Salt, Volcanic Pumice, Cedarwood & Spearmint. There will also be another Limited Edition Soap Bar to look forward to, which is also being developed as we speak.

Natural Deo? 2022 could be an interesting year!


Thank You, from The BARE BAR Team

We cannot express how grateful we are for the support you our customers have shown us. We have met & interacted with some amazing people of the past 6 months. It is great to see guys beginning to make a more conscious decision on what they put on their skin & of course to help reduce the impact of grooming products on the environment. Every decision we make here at Bare Bar is to improve our customers experience, every bit of feedback we listen to, to create an enjoyable experience from start to finish. We can't wait to see what 2022, brings & we can't wait to experience it with you! All the best, the B.B. Team.

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