Guy Reaches Halfway Point in Outdoor Shower Challenege!

Guy Reaches Halfway Point in Outdoor Shower Challenege!


When we received an e-mail from one of Guy's friends letting us know about his Year of Outdoor Showers for charity, we thought, one, this Guy must be insane & two, we think it's absolutely awesome & wanted to help out. Guy is hoping to raise £10k for the RNLI - Royal National Lifeboat Institution, who save lives on our coasts every year & need every bit of funding possible. We supplied Guy with a Boat Load of Soap to shower with! Check out one of guys most daring morning showers to date...



The RNLI volunteer lifeboat crews provide a 24/7 maritime search and rescue service all around the coast of the UK and Ireland, while lifeguards keep a careful watch on the UK’s busiest beaches. Additionally, the RNLI has an intensive prevention and education programme aimed at making a further dent in the number of water-related fatalities. Any drowning is an avoidable tragedy and none are acceptable (on average, the UK and Ireland sees approximately 150 accidental coastal fatalities; add to that the number of inland drownings and water/coast related suicide, the number is between 600 – 650). With help from amazing charitable people like Guy, the RNLI can ensure they can invest in vital equipment, people, and training to carry out rescue missions successfully. It is such a worthwhile cause & one that is relevant to all of us, as you never know when you may be unfortunate enough to need the RNLI.

As well as raising money for this extremely worthwhile cause, Guy also wants to raise awareness about limiting the volume of water that enters the sewer system, so often the cause of Sewer overflows and ‘releases’, and, crucially, the amount of waste such as plastics that make it from our houses into the ocean, something that is close to our hearts here at Bare Bar. Guy is aiming to highlight issues with what we put into our waste-water, such as ear buds, sanitary products & general consumer product waste that finds its way into our water systems. Huge amounts of this waste, unfortunately, finds its way to the ocean, by changing how we dispose of waste and not carelessly flushing plastics away, we can make a real difference to the quality of the environment of our coastlines in the U.K.

Guy has finally reached the halfway point in his shower challenge, but is hoping to really ramp up donations in the second half & achieve his goal of raising £10k for the RNLI. If you would like to help Guy by making a donation, please follow the link below to his official just giving page:

You can also keep up to date & watch Guy's morning shower by following his Youtube channel here:
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