The Bare Grip
The Bare Grip
The Bare Grip
The Bare Grip
The Bare Grip

The Bare Grip

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The Bare Grip
The Bare Grip
The Bare Grip
The Bare Grip
The Bare Grip

We have teamed up with U.S company SoapStandle to bring you this latest patented, innovative Soap Bar Accessory. The Bare Grip will not only allow you to have a Bear-like grip on your soap preventing bar slippage, but also eliminate your bars sticking to surfaces while not in use, it works great with our handmade Soap Decks.

The Ergonomic Design gives you full control of your soap bar, no dropped soap in that momentary lapse of concentration while you're whistling the theme tune from The A Team.

When used with our Soap Deck, rest the soap gripper side down on to the Soap Deck. This allows your bar 360 degree Air Circulation, drying your bar to extend it's life by up to 30% longer.

Simply press the Bare Grip on to a fresh Bare Bar & take control of your shower!

We know what you're thinking... Plastic? Well kinda... Bare Grips are made with 100% Recycled Post Consumer Waste. Plastics that would otherwise make it to landfill & therefore into the environment. Products such as the Bare Grip help extract plastic that already exists from our environment, repurpose it & give a new life that isn't single use. It's a win for us, you & for the planet. 


✅ Designed & Made in the U.S.A

✅ Made with Recycled Plastic Waste

✅ 360 degree Airflow to dry your Soap Bar

✅ Extends Soap life by up to 30% longer

✅ Eliminates Stick Soap Grime

Are BARE BAR products Vegan?

Yes, all BARE BAR products are Vegan! Well, apart from the Bear!

Do BARE BAR test their products on animals?

Absolutely not. We only ever test Bare Bar products on unsuspecting humans.

How big are your Soap Bars?

Bare Bar soap bars are approximately 142g / 5oz (80 x 60 x 30mm)

Order before 4PM (U.K) for same day dispatch. We use Royal Mail's 48 Hour Tracked Premium Service. All of our orders are classed as a small parcel due to the size of our Soap Bars.

Our shipping rates are £4.95 for U.K & Northern Ireland, which includes a 48 Hour fully Tracked Service.

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Take a look at our full ingredients list

How it's made

Step 1

Hand blend our base recipe of nourishing and moisturising natural oils

Step 2

Add our unique combinations of natural essential oils to create the wild scents that bring our bars to life

Step 3

Infuse each recipe with natural exfoliants, such as Organic Oats, Volcanic Pumice and Coffee Grounds

Step 4

Cut our bars into their uniquely large size (5 ounces!) and then leave to air cure for 5 patient weeks

Step 5

Slide each perfected bar into our awesome plastic-free packaging, ready for your next shower

why bare bar?

Incredible Ingredients

We choose the most skin nourishing ingredients we can find to include in our product recipes. Ingredients that will not only clean & refresh you, but ensure your skin is moisturised & nourished after every use.

Made in the u.k 🇬🇧

We hand make every single one our products here in the U.K, the Ribble Valley in Lancashire to be precise. Our manufacturing methods have not changed & therefore our quality & attention to detail is second to none.

no harsh chemicals

We found the main cause of skin irritation in shower products was overpowering man made fragrances. All of our products are scented using our unique Essential Oil blends, which are natural and gentle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

Brittle spikes. Broke off loads of them after a few uses

Geraint Roberts
Never knew I needed it so much!

Simple but effective! I thought it would be something I'd try and realise it was a waste of money, but how wrong was I! A fantastic little product that makes a big difference! If only they had these in prisons, definitely combats soap dropping!

Jennifer Ferguson
Genius device

Makes it much easier to pick up and keep the bag tray clean

Glenn White
Keep breaking

This is now the 3rd one we have had and the grippers keep breaking off. Good while they last

Gavin Asquith

Definitely helps with grip and keeping the soap touching any surfaces when done