Exfoliating - The Truth About Grit

Exfoliating - The Truth About Grit

Exfoliating, Whats the Deal?

Exfoliating is more than just rubbing something rough over your skin, it's important for maintaining overall skin health. We add a number of ingredients within our Soap Bars that produce a texture on the soaps surface that we often call 'Grit'.

This texture, as well as being a sensory experience, is also vital for removing Dead Skin Cells, Toxins, Dirt & Grime. 


Is Exfoliating Right for Me?

This is completely down to you & what you prefer! Life would be boring if we all had the same skin type & it all depends on what you feel your skin specifically needs.

Some folk can handle using exfoliating soaps everyday & that really works for them, whereas others don't like using them at all. We totally recommend exfoliating at least once or twice a week, this ensures you rejuvenate & wash away those Dead Skin Cells!

Plus swapping up which soap you use daily is all part of the fun of Bare Bar!


Different Types of Grit

Many of our Soaps use different natural materials to achieve a texture that's suitable for scrubbing & each different ingredient provides a very unique experience.

The use of Oatmeal in 'Fresh Cut Pine' for example provides prominent pieces of Oat to really dig deep & refresh your skin.

The Volcanic Pumice in 'Molten Lather' provides more of a particulate, gritty feel, this is perfect for a good scrub down after outdoor activities where things got a little messy!

The use of Coffee Ground in our 'Roasted Coffee Bean' bar is genuinely refreshing & a perfect place to experiment using 'Grit'    


Find Your Balance 

Pay attention to what your skin is telling you. Skin feeling a little tight? Maybe it's time to switch it up to a Smooth Textured Bar to give your skin a few days off. Skin a little oily? It could well be in need of a good scrub down! Tailor your weekly wash routine around what your skin needs.

Which ever way you choose, exfoliating is a sure way to achieve healthy & vibrant looking skin & is a vital part of any grooming routine!

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