How to Get the Most Out of Your Bars

How to Get the Most Out of Your Bars


2022 is set to be a tight year, not for your skin.

With everything in the news pointing towards a tight financial year with many household expenses set to rise, this doesn't mean your skin has to suffer as a consequence. Here at Bare Bar we have already seen rises in our material costs, but we stand firm with our customers, continuing to offer excellent value for money Natural Soap. We're going to take you through some great tips & tricks to ensure you get the most out of your Bare Bars, so you don't have to reach for that £1 bottle of chemical hogwash again!



Bar Storage is Vital!

What you do with your Bar while it's not in use is just as important than when you actually use it. Water is essentially a Soap Bars worst enemy, as daft as that sounds, softening & eroding the bar, which is sad to see. Keeping your Bars out of running water while not in use is extremely important, it reduces the opportunity for the bar to soften & eventually lose mass. Storing it on one of our Soap Decks elevates the bar, draining any excess water away. If you leave your soap bar on a flat surface on the side of the tub for example, the bar will be sitting in a pool of water that will soften the base. When you come to use the bar again, a large amount of soap will transfer onto you & eventually down the drain, wasted.

360 Degree Airflow

While our Soap Decks do a great job of ensuring your bar doesn't sit in a pool of surface water saving precious soap. Sometimes certain bars can inadvertently stick to the Soap Deck, transferring soap on to the deck . We have come up with a solution that will eliminate this completely, The Bare Grip. As well as being ergonomic in design to help you keep hold of you bar while showering, this beauty can also help you achieve 360 degree airflow around the bar, ensuring it doesn't stick, drying out the bar completely while not in use. This combination of Soap Storage Tools can help extend the life of your bars by up to x2!


Brag About Using a Rag

Now, part of the Bare Bar experience is feeling the soap bar against your skin, as we have some awesome exfoliants to refresh your skins surface, but can you combine a Washcloth? Many of our customers boast bars lasting around 1.5 Months using a Washcloth, this is something not to be overlooked! By rubbing the Soap Bar directly onto a Washcloth just a couple of times creates friction, when soap transfers on to the cloth, that friction produces an excellent foamy sud, that helps the soap go much further than when you rub directly on your skin. Using the Sudsy Washcloth you can give your full body a once over while your Soap Bar is safely stored out of the water on your Soap Deck.


Enjoy a Slice of 'Fresh Cut Pine'

This sounds like sacrilege, but just bare with us here... One of our good customers came up with this unique suggestion that has apparently made bars last even longer! By dividing a fresh Bare Bar into 3 slices using a knife & using a segment at a time means you're only getting 33% of the bar wet while in use & the other 66% is left untouched in the Bare Bar packaging, ready for when you need it. A little extra work granted, but this means you can constantly use a fresh product & you can also change up which scent of bar you use on an even more regular basis!


Your Skin Doesn't Have to Suffer in 2022

As many people will be looking at what they can cut down on in 2022, using excellent quality products to maintain healthy skin is vitally important for overall well being. It might be tempting to go back to sub par soap & shower gels, but we believe your skin is worth fighting for & folk should continue to say no to chemical detergent. Combining these tips & tricks into your routine is a sure fire way to get the most out of your Bare Bars & continue your Natural Soap journey in 2022. Remember, Soap Bar Storage, Utilise a Washcloth & enjoy a slice of your favourite bars one at a time.  

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