Molten Lather Bundle
Molten Lather Bundle
Molten Lather Bundle

Molten Lather Bundle

Molten Lather has a primordial, deep and earthy musk. Combining Volcanic pumice & Charcoal it's high exfoliation will remove grim & dirt, leaving you clean & refreshed.

Heavy Grit Smokey
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Molten Lather Bundle
Molten Lather Bundle
Molten Lather Bundle

We wish we could say that our Molten Lather Soap & Shampoo Bars were forged in the fiery hell-like pits of the Earth's Core, but they're actually handcrafted in a village in Lancashire U.K.

Molten Lather Bundle packs an explosive punch of Volcanic Pumice providing big exfoliation benefits. The scent is deep & earthy, with a real masculine scent to it.

Essential Oils of Smokey Vetiver, Refreshing Bergamot, Musky Clove & a twist of Lime provide a complex balance of notes that work harmoniously together. 

This hard hitting Soap & Shampoo Bar bar also provides an Intense, Deep, Rich Lather. Using nothing but the finest saponified Natural Oils.

*CAUTION* This is an extreme bar of soap, the exfoliating pumice can be abrasive if heavily used, so please treat with care!


✅ Handcrafted in the U.K

✅ Vegan & Cruelty Free

✅ Moisturising & Nourishing

✅ Perfect for ALL Skin Types

✅ Each Bar lasts 3-4 Weeks Showering Daily

✅ Plastic Free Product

✅ Ready to Ship Today

Are BARE BAR products Vegan?

Yes, all BARE BAR products are Vegan! Well, apart from the Bear!

Do BARE BAR test their products on animals?

Absolutely not. We only ever test Bare Bar products on unsuspecting humans.

How big are your Soap Bars?

Bare Bar soap bars are approximately 142g / 5oz (80 x 60 x 30mm)

Order before 4PM (U.K) for same day dispatch. We use Royal Mail's 48 Hour Tracked Premium Service. All of our orders are classed as a small parcel due to the size of our Soap Bars.

Our shipping rates are £4.95 for U.K & Northern Ireland, which includes a 48 Hour fully Tracked Service.

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Key Ingredients


Vetiver Essential Oil helps produce Molten Lather's Deep, Earthy & Smokey scent. Vetiver is an incredibly grounding base note, which is a great stress reliever.


Volcanic Pumice provides Molten Lather with it's Heavy Grit content. Pumice is an excellent exfoliant, ensuring any excess dry skin is removed during showering.


Activated Charcoal reaches deep into the skin's surface, drawing out any free radicals & grime to the surface, ready for the Volcanic pumice to get to work.


See our full list of Natural ingredients within our Ingredients Page within the footer menu.

Take a look at our full ingredients list

How it's made

Step 1

Hand blend our base recipe of nourishing and moisturising natural oils

Step 2

Add our unique combinations of natural essential oils to create the wild scents that bring our bars to life

Step 3

Infuse each recipe with natural exfoliants, such as Organic Oats, Volcanic Pumice and Coffee Grounds

Step 4

Cut our bars into their uniquely large size (5 ounces!) and then leave to air cure for 5 patient weeks

Step 5

Slide each perfected bar into our awesome plastic-free packaging, ready for your next shower

why bare bar?

Wild Natural Suds

Nothing but the finest natural ingredients and wildest scents in every bar. It’s time to upgrade and turn your shower experience up to 11!

unbeatable freshness

Natural exfoliants combined with nourishing oils & butters ensure you an unbeatable clean that’ll keep you feeling fresh, all day.

no harsh chemicals

Sick of dry, itchy skin from sub-par soaps, shampoos and shower gels? It’s time to give cheap, harsh chemicals the boot!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

North smelling natural soap


Useing the shampoo at the moment thats grate not carreyed away with the soap


Absolutely love this product. The smell and the sensation are a treat. The complimentary shampoo has the best best effect, for my hair type, from the whole range... this is my favourite of the barebars. (Molten lava).

Liam Homer
Great stuff

Brilliant products the soap bar last well unlike other brands I've used and the shampoo bar is very easy to use. Great products.


This is the best... it smells amazing and feel magical. Never felt to clean and fresh. I tend to use one thing for the longest time. And this is my new number one soap bar. Already stockpiled a few bars. The grit is rough but I love it.